Orphan (Every)Day

November 6th, 2011

southamerica2Today was Orphan Sunday at many churches around the US. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Recently, Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Special Advisor for Children's Issues in the Bureau of Consular Affairs, reported that, "Last year [fiscal year 2011], US citizens adopted more than 9,000 children from countries around the world." In fiscal years 2004 and 2005, Americans adopted nearly 23,000 children each year from other countries. The number of international adoptions has been on a steady decline since then. And it seems this fiscal year, which ended September 30, is no exception. There are some obvious clues as to why international adoptions have declined. China has dramatically slowed down international adoptions. The Guatemala adoption program was very popular, and the closing… [more]

Lost Opportunity

October 6th, 2011

iStock_000014869787XSmallI am disappointed.  Disappointed at a lost opportunity. This morning, over a cup of coffee, I read this headline in the Hollywood Reporter. Jillian Michaels Warns Against International Adoption Unless You Have ‘A Lot Of Money’ In the current issue of Prevention Magazine, Michaels, a former trainer on The Biggest Loser, discusses the difficulties she’s had adopting internationally.  She left the TV reality show last December and this February announced she was adopting a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Celebrity adoptions are not uncommon.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have adopted children from Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam.  Madonna controversially adopted a boy from Malawi.  Meg Ryan adopted a baby girl from China, and Katherine Heigl adopted a special needs daughter from Korea. When celebrities adopt… [more]

What Is Best For The Children?

December 10th, 2010


Through the years, starting when I was a child, I have raised money for various worldwide organizations. I have always had a slight Mother Teresa complex and I’ve wanted to save the world a few times over. As I’ve gained more wisdom, I’ve finally concluded the best way for me to save the world is to raise my daughters to be the best world citizens they can be. I am an adopter. My daughters are adopted, and I have six cats…all adopted. My dog stumbled on our doorstep one day, and after looking into his big brown eyes, I adopted him and gave him a loving home on the spot… [more]

Questions To Ask A Perspective Agency

September 16th, 2009

thumb_questionAt the end of August Courtney posted on a three-day fast that she was taking part of to help promote awareness and make changes with Guatemalan adoptions. I felt compelled to also participate in the event to show my belief in the need for ethical international adoptions. Over the three days I learned several things. I learned that I am so lucky that my adoption in Ethiopia was ethical (I say lucky, because I did research and due diligence, but not as much as I would have with what I know now). I learned that the "anti-adoption" movement is a movement for a reason and they are not necessarily "anti-child" or "anti-family". Maybe they are seeing a bigger picture, while we as adoptive… [more]

International Adoption: The Makings of a Family

August 10th, 2009

As a new addition to the International Adoption blog, I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Courtney, and I am a married, stay-at-home mom of two beautiful children (two-point-five actually, but more on that later). My son was born to me biologically (and adopted by my husband) and my daughter is adopted from Guatemala. In addition, we are in the very early stages of a second (and final) international adoption; we are hoping to adopt a baby-to-toddler boy from Ethiopia. We just completed our home study visit and are now elbows-deep in the paperwork aspect of adoption. We are delighted to have a second adoption in the works, and I hope to explore some of our experiences at some… [more]

Madonna’s Expectations of Her Children Unhealthy

April 13th, 2009

When you ask adoptive parents why they choose adoption you may hear different reasons. Infertility, inabliblity to carry to term or other health problems, do not want to go through a pregnancy, single mothers or fathers who want to parent without a partner, etc. Many different reasons, but if you break it down the reason people adopt is to be a PARENT. To raise a child. We want many things for our children. We want them to be healthy, happy, strong and productive. We also have dreams for our children. Dreams of raising an athlete or talented musician. I dream of raising girls who are very compassionate and make an impact on this world. Wants, dreams… [more]

Here We Go Again – Madonna’s Adoption

April 1st, 2009

When When I learned of Madonna's bid for another adoption, I couldn't help but sigh. I don't like feeling that way when hearing about an adoption, but I don't think celebrity adoption is always the best advertisement. There are a lot of ideas and statements being thrown about that are not educating or empowering for anyone. Right now many GOOD people and organizations that care about children are fighting with eachother and when this happens the kids are the ones that lose. Spokesman, Dominic Nutt, for Save the Children UK has said "many international adoptions are unnecessary -- and some even feed into a criminal "adoption industry." and that," he was not suggesting that Madonna was doing anything wrong -- but… [more]

Not Just a Number

March 5th, 2009

We live in a world of not-just-a-number. There is a clock in every room, a phone in our pocket, the mph in our cars. We know our families phone not-just-a-number, birthdays and kids weights and heights. There is no doubt in my mind that if we took all the not-just-a-number away we would fall apart. The not-just-a-number also desensitize us in some ways. Unfortunately when we hear about the number of orphans in the world, the number hits us as large, but we are used to large not-just-a-number. I don't think it affects us the way it should. Watching the news and hearing all the large money amounts being mentioned is enough to make me want to tune not-just-a-number out… [more]

I Now Hate to Look at My Referral Pictures

February 17th, 2009

January 10, 2008 was the first time I saw a picture of my new daughters. I can remember Paul and I opening up the email and seeing the top of a picture at the bottom of the screen. We took a deep breath and scrolled down…They were so beautiful! We printed the pictures off and looked at them constantly. I had wallets made and 4x6’s printed for the grandparents once we accepted the referral. Dreaming of their personalities behind the smile or lack thereof. I scoured Snapfish to find pictures that others from our agency had posted. We had them up all over the house. Ten months after placement I wince when I see the pictures. Now our house… [more]

African reality sans the adoption option

November 23rd, 2007
Categories: Adoption Advocacy

With a family less than even a remote possibility for millions of African children, those who advocate for international adoption have a responsibility to stay abreast, as much as possible in a world where the mass of information is daunting, to say the least, of the reality of life in Africa. Unlike some who insist that life is always better lived where begun, people who embrace the idea of a global village and families without borders see international adoption as one way some of the world's children can find love, life and happiness. Making this point requires frequent visits to info-wells that are darned uncomfortable to dip into, and so full of ugliness and horror that turning a blind eye could seem a sensible tact. So it… [more]