Raising Money for an Adoption

August 24th, 2011

PiggyBankBefore I was a writer, I worked as a fundraiser for 10 years. Whether I was calling university alumni for their annual gifts or writing grants for water wells in Africa, I never imagined I would draw upon this experience to help fund the expansion of my family. Many families conduct fundraisers to offset the cost of adoption. I have compiled some of the more effective ideas I've seen in addition to some lessons learned from my former career.

  • First, create a blog and add a donate button to make it easy for others to support you. Friends, family, and even strangers will often lend their support. Advertise your blog on social media, with business cards, on t-shirts, or even through your church's Sunday bulletin. And

Adopting a Special Needs Child Internationally

March 9th, 2010

Adopting a Special Needs Child InternationallyRecently, someone asked me about the possibility of adopting a special needs child internationally. Being how international adoption and special needs are two issues near to my heart, I decided to do a little leg work and see what I could find. It goes without saying that there are many, many children born internationally with special needs who are looking for an adoptive family. A PAP could always check with his/her agency to see if any children with special needs are available for adoption, but beyond that, where should one turn for more information? Enter Reece's Rainbow: International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry. Don't let the name mislead you; while there is a large focus on international children… [more]

Selecting A Pediatrician For Your Internationally Adopted Child

November 3rd, 2009

Selecting A Pediatrician For Your Internationally Adopted ChildSelecting a pediatrician can be quite the process. While pregnant with Bear, my husband and I completed at least four "meet and greets" in which we'd set up a informal, in-office meeting with a prospective pediatrician. During these visits, we'd discuss our parenting philosophies (attachment parenting), preventive wellness measures, the pediatrician's thoughts on vaccinations, and so forth. We selected a pediatrician we instantly adored and have been incredibly happy with her ever since. While it's great we found a pediatrician we truly like, one who is wonderful with both children and parents, we had an additional element to consider when we made the decision to adopt internationally. Would our beloved pediatrician understand the needs of an… [more]

Ways to Save Money For Your Adoption: From Easy to More Challenging!

March 25th, 2009

In my last post I talked about ways to finance your adoption or re-pay your loans after getting your tax credit back. I also hinted that I would be sharing some ideas on how to save money. These may be second-hand ideas for some, but hopefully I can throw out something new to get your mind going on how to save money in your home. Things we all can do. 1) De-clutter your home. Clean the garage, the basement, the attic. A garage sale can bring hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I would advertise it as a fundraiser sale and ask your local support group (churches, clubs, work) for donations of items they want to get rid of… [more]

Counseling : Back to the Basic of Questions

March 12th, 2009

Last night Hubby and I went to see a Doctor that specializes in adoption issues. He came highly recommended and of course was not covered under our insurance (out of network). We decided to go ahead and self pay for a visit to meet with him. We were very pleased with our two-hour session and I feel a bit renewed. Like I had been wandering around and someone pointed me the right way to go. I thought I would share some of what we learned in my International Adoption blog, so that other families might have more information about their kiddos when bringing them home. I'm sure these questions are applicable in domestic adoption as well. We have been concentrating on… [more]

Getting Started with an International Adoption

January 22nd, 2009

Deciding to adopt is obviously a huge decision. After you make this initial choice you are quickly faced with another decision: domestic or international? If you’re leaning towards international adoption but unsure of what country, I would answer the following questions: 1) What country or ethnicity am I (or we) drawn to? If you love Asian culture and foods, China may be a natural choice for you. If you speak a little Spanish, you may be drawn to South America. 2) What country could I embrace and make my own? It is very important to keep your child’s heritage in your life as he or she grows. I think it is a bonus if you have traveled to their country or have always had an interest… [more]

How to travel responsibly

June 24th, 2007

sunset3©2005SHBenoiton With International Adoption as much about the wider world as it is about our little families ... or not so little, in some cases ... the idea of our travel as a benefit to others fits well. With all the talk now of our carbon footprint and how air travel increases the negative impact an individual leaves, the thought of taking off for distant points now seems to require a bit more contemplation. Traveling to bring our kids home is non-negotialbe for many of us, as we wouldn't miss that trip for anything and feel the on-the-ground contact is an important beginning for the family. Birth country visits aren't anything we're willing to compromise, either, as those of us who can manage to pull… [more]

How to get up to speed on international orphans’ issues

June 3rd, 2007

Whether you're considering international adoption, in the process, or have already adopted, global issues of adoption may be ... should be ... of even greater interest and concern than for the regular man-on-the-street without direct connections. Our children do not appear out of a vacuum, but become available for adoption through circumstances that vary widely, but often have similar themes. Poverty, war, disease, starvation, upheaval, death ... all make their dark mark and destroy lives and hopes and dreams and options. How organizations funded by tax dollars, donations and resources address ... or don't address ... the big issues of our world and our time should be a closely followed topic. Starting with the biggest fish in the pond where international children's rights… [more]

How to help people in birth countries: Microfinance

May 19th, 2007

KIVA logo With the World Bank big in the news now, I could be writing today about corruption, but since I just did that I'll be focusing instead on the more up-beat and positive. This story from the VOA titled, "World Bank Boosts Entrepreneurs with Social Goals", touts some of the work the organization ... actually a collection of five organizations, but like everyone else, I'll stick with the popular moniker ... does to help people in grindingly poor parts of the world. The Grassroots Business Initiative of the International Finance Corporation, one section of the World Bank, is the branch that deals directly with burgeoning small enterprises in developing nations. Like Satyan Mishra… [more]

How to get milk on a plane

May 2nd, 2007
Categories: How To ..., Travel

Dadsurfin'/©2006 GMonins So, there is air travel in your future. Maybe you're off to China or Guatemala or Ethiopia to meet the newest addition to your family and bring the darling home. Or, perhaps the whole gang is heading off on a holiday. You dig out the carry-on bags from the last time you traveled and start collecting all you know you'll need to keep the kids happy and busy on the long flight. When departure day comes, you learn that almost nothing you packed for the kids ... their favorite juices, the only milk they can stomach, a few yogurts to stave off hunger while the food cart makes its slow way down the aisles ... is allowed… [more]