Apples to Oranges: Who Constitutes “Our Own”?

January 22nd, 2010

Apples to Oranges: Who Constitutes "Our Own"?Today, my facebook friends' list is overflowing with commentary regarding the catastrophic tragedy in Haiti. While everyone is more than sympathetic, I have to admit that while I've managed to refrain from getting into huge debates I have been unable to keep my commenting to a minimum. The status updates start off quite innocuously with a discussion about the U.S.'s financial contribution to Haiti. This is not a political blog, and I have no interest in discussing that specific tenant of said topic in this forum. However, more often than not (on my friends' status updates) the topic changes immediately to anti-adoption sentiment. Not anti-adoption in general, mind you--anti-international adoption. Naturally, there are no broad claims… [more]

Waiting for Information: Adoptive Parents of Haitian Children

January 15th, 2010
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Haitian Adoptions

Haitian Adoptions

I've been trying to write this post for some time now. In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, however, I have been rendered speechless. My heart is positively aching for the Haitian people who have suffered devastating losses I can't even begin to fathom. Truly, I cannot even adequately put it into words. Since adoption flies high on my radar, I soon started thinking about the families in process who were (and those who still are) waiting to find out if their Haitian child is alive. I can't imagine how those parents and families are feeling right now, especially those who are still anxiously awaiting information regarding their child's welfare. Hundreds of French

Iceland looks to African adoptions & Human Rights in Haiti

June 14th, 2007

I'm happy to report that even though the movement to put a halt to the option of international adoption continues to tick over in the US, other parts of the world are catching on to how right it is to present the option of families to children in other countries. In Iceland, for instance, the Iceland Adoption Society is investigating adoption by Icelandic families of children from African nations. “We are looking to other countries, including African countries like South Africa and Ethiopia,” the managing director of the Iceland Adoption Society Gudrún Sverrisdóttir told Bladid. Adoptions from China have been an option for a few years, but China's new regulations and increased wait times have encouraged officials in Iceland to begin looking at… [more]

Press Freedom Reports: Guatemala, Peru, Vietnam

February 6th, 2007

Continued from here ... In the Americas, the present situation is hit and miss. Reporters Without Borders logo For Central America, Costa Rica and Panama are looking pretty good, but Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras see political control of media forcing self-censorship. In Guatemala and Honduras, these problems combine to produce violence against a lively media. Guatemalan radio journalist Eduardo Maas Bol was killed on 9 September and Vinicio Aguilar Mancilla, of the independent station Radio 10, escaped assassination in August. Haitian journalists got by with few attacks in 2006, but this is not a particularly good sign. ... the killers of journalists murdered under the rule of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the interim government that succeeded him remained unpunished and the… [more]

Checked out the other blogs lately?

January 7th, 2007

I have no way of knowing how people come to my blog -- by bookmark, direct link or from the "what's new" portal of This site has expanded a lot recently with the addition of bloggers and new categories. There's so much info there now that I'm having a tough time keeping up, and just keeping track of where my own posts ... both here and on the Older Parent Blog ... sit in relation to other new posts is a more comprehensive process than it was just a few weeks ago. If you've not taken the time to look around a bit, especially recently, you're missing a lot of country-specific information from bloggers who've been-there-done-that in… [more]

Zimbabwe, Haiti, Malaysia and Chinese Jews

December 6th, 2006

Along with having just about everything else wrong with the country, Zimbabwe now has the world's highest percentage of children orphaned by AIDS, according to UNICEF. Zim Sign Almost one in every four children ... 1.6 million ... has lost at lease one parent to the virus, not surprising when you learn that 3,000 people are dying of AIDS every week. UNICEF said it had received $6 million from Sweden, which would be used to increase school enrolment of orphans and vulnerable children, boost school nutrition programmes and reduce the number of children living outside families. Zimbabwe continued to lead in the care of the orphans and vulnerable children despite a severe economic crisis, with 90 percent of the country's orphans having been… [more]