Japan: Baby Safe Havens and adoption attitudes

July 9th, 2007

Baby Safe Havens are an adoption-related hot potato of the scalding and scorching variety. There are who love the idea and lobby long and hard in favor, while others hate everything about Baby Safe Havens and campaign strongly against. Heated debate about the so called "Baby Moses" laws covers identity loss, babies in dumpsters, abortion alternatives, and more, and emotions rarely run anything but full and furious around the topic. What is not usually worried about in discussions of Safe Havens in the US, however, it the physical fate of the child ... adoption is very likely the outcome, as finding homes for babies is not a difficult thing in America. Not so in Japan, where… [more]

Adoption in Japan

September 28th, 2006
Categories: Country News, Japan

Japan's adoption law has not seen any significant change since the 1947 Child Welfare Law was created to address issues of orphaned children at the end of WWII. Last month, however, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry drafted a new set of guidelines in response to worries about profiteering by agencies and international trafficking concerns. Presently, privately run adoption agencies are allowed payment only to cover costs. The list of approved expenses covers ten categories, including travel, phone and counseling services. ... the ministry urged all 47 prefectural governments, and 15 major cities with adoption-related authorities, to tighten measures to eliminate adoption agency profiteers. The guidelines prohibit agencies from receiving any money prior to the completion of the adoption process. However, "donations" are often difficult… [more]