Moving Mountains if You Must

December 6th, 2010

1280641_55403345International adoption isn’t the easiest way to create a family. There are major decisions to be made beyond the decision to adopt internationally. There is a country to choose, then an adoption agency to pick. Once those things are decided, there are the interviews, mounds of paperwork to complete, documents to be notarized and apostilled. More paperwork to be gathered, documents to be sent from one part of the country to another. And then there is the waiting game. As I was adopting my two daughters, I felt like I existed in an altered state of hurry up and wait. But I learned a lot about myself during my two adoptions. I’ve always considered myself to… [more]

Kyrgyzstan Adoption Warning from the Department of State

December 11th, 2008
Categories: In the News, Kyrgyzstan

As if International Adoption wasn't difficult enough, a new warning was posted on the Department of States website yesterday about the status of adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. The Department of State (DOS) is now recommending that U.S. Citizens not move forward with adoptions from this Eastern European country. According to contacts in country, no cases are being processed at this time and the Government in Kyrgyzstan isn't offering any insight into the reason behind this recent turn of events. In addition to the apparent halt of international adoptions, there have also been reports that some Kyrgyz citizens may have been denied approval to adopt over the last year, while the approval of intercountry adoptions continues. There has been some news, although unverified by the Kyrgyz Government, that changes are being… [more]