China Adopts Khan, Mongolia is Not Impressed

January 4th, 2007

I wrote the other day about adoption in Mongolia, and I often post about issues in China, so this headline,"China's adoption of Genghis Khan infuriates Mongolians" grabbed my attention, and I thought I'd pass along the story even if the use of the word adoption is not in the sense we normally use here. GreatWall/Wiki According to the report, China is redefining history and taking a figure Mao insisted was "only fit to fire arrows at birds" and embracing him as a national hero. Good old Genghis, Mongol ruler and barbarian warlord of the first order, a big part of the reason the Great Wall is so darned great ... keeping him OUT was a motivating factor in the construction… [more]

Adopting from Mongolia

January 2nd, 2007

As the list of possible birth countries American hopeful adoptive parents can look to tragically shrinks, many are hoping to cast a love net in new directions. Mongolia has been coming up more often lately, with people asking about the possibility of adding children from that country to their family. Mongolia is a predominately Buddhist country the size of Texas, landlocked between Russia and China, the steppes and the Gobi Desert. The population is sparse and about 30% nomadic. Life, like the climate, is harsh. (Ulaanbaatar, is the coldest national capital in the world.) Those interested in adopting from Mongolia may be put off by the US State Department's notice: U.S. citizens are strongly discouraged from adopting in Mongolia at this time… [more]