“China Ghosts”, Malawi adoptions, and more

June 20th, 2007

Parents with kids from China will be interested to hear about "China Ghosts" a new book written by Jeff Gammage about the adoption of his daughter. It's the story of a girl, a father and a family that Lisa See, author of "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" ... a lovely book of harsh realities ... calls, " ... the most informative and heartfelt book I’ve read about the adoption of girls from China.” Parents in Pakistan have a strange take on children, with those in Karachi rating 34% of school-aged kids as "abnormal". The article is interesting and rather complex, siting population-based epidemiological studies showing the prevalence of common mental disorders in Pakistan to be one of the highest in… [more]

One way to deal with orphans …

January 11th, 2007

I am constantly amazed by the way politics moves through the arena of children's issues and needs, and the craft with which spin tweaks dire circumstances toward a shiny, smiley-face projection of the situation. Case in point, this report from Pakistan titled, "Government planning model orphanages across country." Sources said the Social Welfare Ministry was planning to introduce model orphanages in almost all major cities of the country because most of the donor agencies including the United Nation had demanded the government upgrade orphanages to provide better education, food, medication, sports and other facilities to orphans. Sources said orphans would be given free education till they could earn on their own, they would be provided facilities including dispensaries, playgrounds and schools. They said orphans… [more]