J.K. Rowling: International adoption overlap, Part 2

July 16th, 2007

Continued from here. Potterwand/wiki I'm not saying Jo Rowling is intentionally bankrolling clapping with one hand and sacrificing children on the alter of 'Gee, the numbers look good', but the CHLG does make me very nervous, and she is a founder ... along with Emma Nicholson, and given her history she really breaks me out in hives of anxiety and has me worrying about the kids who just might end up in her path. From their website: ... CHLG works closely with governments and officials on wider policy issues such as de-institutionalisation and child welfare. It also works proactively to promote the positive changes in child welfare that are now taking place. In Romania we are already seeing improvements. Around 22,000 Romanian children have been… [more]

J.K. Rowling: International adoption overlap

July 16th, 2007

JKRowling/wiki Unless you've been living under a rock, you have to be hyper-aware that July is Harry Potter month. (I live on a rock and have heard all about it, so I'm assuming the information is very widely spread.) The latest film opened last week, the last book comes out at the end of this one, and the ensuing frenzy cannot be missed. Here's a a bit of a connection that adds to my Potter-ific thinking ... yes, I am a fan: I share a birthday with Harry, and his creator, J.K. Rowling -- the 31st of July. Since Harry's birthdays often coincide with the beginnings of the stories, I'm always well placed in time right along with him. (I won't go into how knowing… [more]

One way to deal with orphans …

January 11th, 2007

I am constantly amazed by the way politics moves through the arena of children's issues and needs, and the craft with which spin tweaks dire circumstances toward a shiny, smiley-face projection of the situation. Case in point, this report from Pakistan titled, "Government planning model orphanages across country." Sources said the Social Welfare Ministry was planning to introduce model orphanages in almost all major cities of the country because most of the donor agencies including the United Nation had demanded the government upgrade orphanages to provide better education, food, medication, sports and other facilities to orphans. Sources said orphans would be given free education till they could earn on their own, they would be provided facilities including dispensaries, playgrounds and schools. They said orphans… [more]

Romania: The children suffer

November 20th, 2006
Categories: Country News, Romania

Anyone reading this blog even occasionally will most likely have come across a diatribe or two on Her Royal Baronessnessmess Emma Nicholson. I can't stand the woman, although I've not met her and hope to never have the occasion to do so, because of what she almost single-handedly has done to children of Romania out of some twisted concept of righteous I-know-what's-good-for-you-so-there POV ... and because she's tried very hard to smear her views across international adoption in general. Romanianchild/MDRI The woman still touts her efforts as successful and correct, against all common sense and hard evidence. The latest on the hard evidence front comes from Mental Disability Rights International , (MDRI), and is enough to make a decent person sick. Mental Disability Rights International… [more]