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February 14th, 2007

Continued from here ... Here's an article looking at new figures from India's National Family Health Survey that indicates nearly half of that country's children are malnourished. With about 46 percent of children underweight _ a negligible improvement over the last survey, conducted in 1998-99 _ India is in the same league as nations like Burkina Faso and Cambodia. In China, Asia's other rising economic power and the country India so often compares itself with, only 8 percent of children are underweight. UNICEF's take on this? Such statistics show India "should be worried," said Werner Schultink of UNICEF. "It's going to be difficult for India if wants to use its human resources to develop the nation but does not make improvements." Duh. And… [more]

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January 14th, 2007

Continued from here ... From Guatemala, the US Assistant Secretary of Consular Affairs has been talking to reporters, saying that, "improvements need to be made before the U.S. ratifies the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions later this year." And a mass eviction of Mayans has taken place at a proposed nickel mine. "Land rights are a challenging issue throughout the country, but we believe that the programmes we already have in place and our continuing commitment to employ as many local people as possible, while we develop the Fenix project, will help us work positively with the community." And apparently Mel Gibson will not be attending the Mexican premier of his new movie. What's up with that… [more]

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January 14th, 2007

This article, titled, "Vietnamese Adoptees: Where Are They Now?" is just what it sounds like: a look at adults who were born in Vietnam, then adopted by US families. With more than 7,000 Vietnamese kids adopted in the thirty years between 1971 and 2001, there are many stories to be told, and the report takes a look at a few from the transracial angle. Although it's fairly negative on adoption in the past, it does give a bit of credit to present-day aparents and their efforts and offers some helpful information. Here are a few of the links it lists, some for adult adoptees, but also of interest to adoptive parents of Vietnam-born kids: the Vietnamese Adoption Network, Vietnamese

Roz Carr 1912-2006

October 9th, 2006
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Rosamond 'Roz" Carr, fashion illustrator, flower farmer, author, famous friend, hero of post-genocide Rwanda, and award-winning carer of orphaned children died on Friday at the age of 94. From the Rwanda Project: Roz Carr As a young fashion illustrator in New York City, Rosamond Halsey married an adventurous hunter-explorer, Kenneth Carr, whom she journeyed with to the Belgian Congo in 1949. After their eventual divorce, Kenneth left, while Rosamond stayed. In 1955, she moved to northwestern Rwanda to manage a flower plantation, Mugongo, which she eventually purchased. For the next 50 years she witnessed the splendor and demise of colonialism, celebrated Rwanda's independence, and befriended gorilla activist, Dian Fossey, becoming one of her closest friends. (Rosamond is portrayed by the actress Julie Harris… [more]