September 11th, 2006

X-posted, as this is all I’m taking about today ….

Like millions of others, I woke this morning determined to remember … to set aside this day for recollections and reflection … and to consider the world as it is today.

Five years ago I was at my daughter’s home in North Carolina. My granddaughter had made her grand debut on the planet a month before, and I was learning to be a grammy.

Darling Granddaughter and I were having some quality bonding time, as DD was having some quality sleeping time, when the phone rang. I was very happy hearing my son’s voice on the other end.


But not for long.

“Turn on the TV, Mom.”

As I watched the World Trade Center collapse, I hugged the four-week old darling whose tiny feet were taking the first steps into the next generation of my line and knew that her world was now suddenly different than it had been the day before.

As a child, I had learned to ‘duck and cover’ and to listen for the monthly testing of the Emergency Warning sirens that dotted every neighborhood I lived in in the late 1950s.

From the time they were born until September 10, 2001, my kids may have known the words, “This is a test. This is only a test. In the case of a real emergency you would be instructed to tune … ” but they didn’t know the fear. By the time the 11th was over, they did.

In honor of the victims of 9/11, 2996 bloggers are today paying tribute, each to a single victim.

Please visit the site.

We will honor them by remembering their lives,and not by remembering their murderers.

For information on terrorism in the world today, five years post-9/11:

The Carnegie Endowment


Homeland Security


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