May 10th, 2007
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I’ve been called to task, and must fess up … I owe a reporter from the New York Post an apology.

It seems that in my haste to leap in a direction that would put my too substantial bulk between another media slam on the Angelina Jolie adoption fracas and my readers, I went all sloppy with my work.

Not only was I so enthused about posting a response to what I thought was a response to my response that I completely missed the fact that the story I took to be recent was actually four months old, I also jumped to the conclusion that my opinion had originally been solicited because I’d been misquoted all over the place not long before.


According the the the reporter, Kathianne Boniello, she came across me some other way completely, and the story she had been working on never saw the light of day.

I confess to not only being wrong and sloppy, too quick on the draw and too slow to catch my own error, but pleasantly surprised that Ms. Boniello considers accuracy important enough to take the time to point out my mistakes. She’s gone far to restore some faith in the media, even when it comes to celebrity adoptions. It would be wonderful to find balanced reports the next time the issue comes up in world news.

It’s not only Ms. Boniello getting an apology … my fabulous readers deserve better from me.

I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

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  1. grant says:

    That’s funny — I think I know (of) her.

    I’ve, um, done freelance work for the Post in the past.

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