June 17th, 2009
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A few updates in the world of International Adoption:

Madonna’s petetion for adoption of a little girl is granted the second time around from the courts of Malawi. Malawi’s adoption laws normally require adoptive parents to live in country for a long period of time and Madonna’s lack of residence has caused quite the stir in the International Community. To learn more about Malawi adoptions you can check out Adoption.com or the U.S. State Department. I have voiced my thoughts on Madonna’s adoptions from Malawi in previous blogs and love to hear other people’s perspectives.

Nepal is starting to process adoption again in limited cases. There is no guartentee that families who were in the process of adopting when adoptions were suspended a while ago. The State Department page on Nepal can be found here, and there are travel warnings at this time.


I stumbled upon the following site for the USCIS(Immigration). The USCIS is the agency a large bulk of the adoption paper work goes to and comes from. This link has downloadable forms, links and great information. Remember things change often. If you are at the beginning of the process you need to go back and check things closer to your adoption.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has some good resources for adoptive parents. There has been a few cases of Hepatitis B being transmitted to adoptive families through their children from Ethiopia. Even if you decide not to vaccinate, knowing how the disease is spread will be helpful with prevention.

I would love to hear about any changes or information you have heard about lately in the very big world of International Adoption.

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